Charlotte Hall Veterans Home Ministry

Serves the residents of Charlotte Hall Veterans Home in worship with God’s Word, music, assistance, communicating and caring in order to reach out with the Gospel.


Jane Sings Along with a Resident

There are four legs to the table that support this ministry. We have the people to lead the singing and praise part of the service; Don and Bill. We then have the musicians. The third group are the hostesses who sit with guests who need help and hold the hymn book for the resident. The fourth leg are the Pushers and Pullers who go into the wards to help those who need help get to and from the service.


Adrian and His Saxophone

This is Adrian. He is a resident at the veterans home. Jim Meadows is one of our key music guys. He served in the military and worked in our government. He plays saxophone in the Southern MD Band and is a pal of Bill Eckman's. Years ago Bill asked Jim to come on out to the home and join in. He's been there since. He is an excellent musician and a great guy. He lives with his wife, Carole, down in Calvert County near Solomons. His attendance record, were we keeping one, would probably be the best of any team member. He somehow met Adrian and learned that he had played sax at one time in his past. Jim took a look at the sax and realized that it needed an awful lot of work to get it back to where it should be. He worked on it and then had it sent out to professionals who did the rest of the work. Adrian then started to play with our music team every Sunday. He is doing quite well and really looks forward to Sundays when he can play with the other team members. Adrian is now wheelchair bound. So Jimmy decided to make a trailer gizmo that would hitch onto the back of Adrian's chair so Adrian could move around with his saxophone in its case. Jimmy is really clever. He bought some used crutches for a dollar each and built this trailer that fits beautifully behind the chair. The castor wheels that Jimmy first installed were too small and didn't work well on carpeting. Jim switched them out for larger ones. Now Adrian has a trailer that works just fine so he can travel about and take his sax with him. Neat story. It is great having a resident playing with our talented musical team.


Joe and Loretta

Usually there is a moment or two during the service that really touches my heart. This is a picture of a couple I met today. The husband is Joe. The wife is Loretta. He was a pastor for 57 years. They met at the University of Maryland. The first time she saw him he was scoring a touchdown. She thought it was a "silly" game. They had four children. He married each of them and said, "This is for REAL...not for fun. I expect you to stay married." Now he is resident of the home. She is bent double with Osteo? She couldn't take care of him any longer. Despite her health situation she told me that she played the organ in her church this morning. Lovely couple. P.S: Someone switched shirts on him. He did not attend Syracuse.


The Brass Section

The worship service just wouldn't be the same without the support of musical volunteers. The retired military members at the Veterans Home appreciate the brass sound.

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