About Grace Lutheran School



We will equip students to:

  • Grow as life-long digital learners in the love of Christ in wisdom and character
  • Learn to be empowered students through excellence in education where communication and collaboration are incorporated daily
  • Succeed as students who become servant leaders in their community locally and globally


Grace Lutheran School will be Southern Maryland’s premier school of Christian academic excellence, committed to creating disciples of Jesus Christ with a strong sense of mission and community as they GROW – LEARN - SUCCEED.

Core Values and Beliefs

At Grace Lutheran School, we believe that each child is:

  • A precious gift of God;
  • Created in God’s image with extra-ordinary spiritual and academic potential;
  • Loved unconditionally;
  • Endowed with unique gifts and talents; and
  • Called to a life of service to God, to other people and to our world.

Who We Are

Grace Lutheran Church was established in 1967 and founded the school in 1974. Both the Church and school are located 1/4 mile east of the center of La Plata.

We provide our students with a Christian education enhanced with stimulating and challenging curricula within a warm and encouraging learning environment.

We seek to ingratiate children with a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and challenge them to develop socially, emotionally, intellectually and spiritually as a unique child of God. Religion classes are taught at all grade levels as a regular part of the curriculum.

What We Offer

Lutheran Schools Ranked #1 in the Nation!

The NAEP report, often called the "Nation's Report Card" ranked the Lutheran School system the #1 school system in the country!  When compared to public schools, charter schools, and other large school systems, the system of Lutheran grade schools and high schools was ranked the best academic system.  Grace Lutheran is proud to be a member of that system.

Additionally, a new report released by ACT shows that students who attend private schools are significantly more ready for college than students who attend public schools. These are two more excellent reasons to celebrate the great work God is doing at Lutheran High Schools throughout our country.

For more information on the NAEP report, click here .
For more information on the ACT report, click here .


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