School Staff

We're thankful to God for these dedicated men and women who serve our school.

Our highly qualified faculty can provide your student a first-class education.

Display #
Name Position Phone
Burkee, Jeff Principal x201
Anderson, Terri PK-4 Teacher x122
Armstrong, Jenny Admissions Director x200
Blackwell, Ruth Fourth Grade Teacher
Blake, Brittainny Preschool Aide
Brindle, Natalie Administrative Assistant x202
Caballero, Betsey Spanish Teacher
Clark, Jennifer Art Teacher x307
Cordelle, Alicia Music Teacher x308
Gastler, Susan Kindergarten Teacher x215
Gregory, Ashley Preschool Aide
Harrison, Katherine PK-2 Teacher
Knudsen, Claudia Fifth Grade Teacher x210
Jones, Paula Middle School Teacher x311
Locker, Nicole PK-4 Teacher x111
Moseley, Jennifer Third Grade Teacher x209
Rehkemper, Beverley First Grade Teacher x213
Stine, Ann Middle School Teacher x310
Thompson, Jill Middle School Teacher x309
Thomsen, Stephanie Preschool Aide