Confirmation at Grace

In the Small Catechism, Martin Luther described confirmation as the rite, by which a baptized person renews his or her baptismal vows, publicly confesses his/her faith, and is received into “adult” membership by the congregation. Confirmation is saying “yes” to our baptism. That’s why it is often called “Affirmation of Baptism.”

Baptism is our birth into God’s family. It is a gift of new life offered to us by God. In Baptism, parents and sponsors promise to nurture our faith by participation in worship, teaching the Lord’s Prayer, the Creed and the Ten Commandments, by placing into our hands the Scriptures, and by providing instruction in the Christian faith. The church promises to help parents and sponsors in fulfilling this promise. Part of the fulfillment of the baptismal promise is the decision to be confirmed.

Confirmation is a time of preparation for baptized Christians to publicly profess that they do indeed believe those things promised for them in their baptism. It is a passing of the torch, if you will, from parental responsibility, to personal responsibility for one’s own Christian faith.

The Confirmation Ministry at Grace Lutheran Church begins in 7th grade and is a two-year curriculum. Confirmation Sunday is typically celebrated on the first Sunday in May.

2020 Confirmands
Amanda Cartwright, Casey Klinger, Ethan McClure, Kennedy Miesowitz, Joshua Robinson, Tim Scopp, Sam Stine, Mallory Thompson
2019 Confirmands
Cassie Huber, Ryan Toliver
2018 Confirmands
Madison McClure, Ben Jones, Tad Stine,
Lilly Wolff, Charlie Klinger, Colin Sullivan
Pastor Long, Ed Huber
 2018 Confirmation Class
2017 Confirmands
Sean Toliver, Brooke Walko, Serenah Illick and Katarina Lile
2017 Confirmands