Enrolling at Grace Lutheran School is a two-step process:


Under the “Enrollment  Tab”, you will find a link to “Admissions Portal”. There you will find the Online Application Process.  You need to complete that process for each child you are enrolling. There will be a $25 application fee per child.  Once you apply, the application will be sent to the Admissions Director for review.  Depending on the grade for which you are applying, additional information may be required.  Your application, once accepted, will be forwarded into our enrollment queue and you will be emailed detailed  instructions on how to officially enroll.


After Applying and once you receive the email from our Admissions Director, you can    complete the Online Enrollment. This is a fairly easy process that will take you about 10-15 minutes per child.  You will be able to pay your registration fee by credit card online.  Upon submission of your Online Enrollment packet, you will immediately receive an acceptance letter from our Admissions Director.  You do not have a slot saved in your desired class  UNTIL the Online Enrollment is completed and submitted with your payment.   Your child will also need placement testing to confirm enrollment and placement in their desired class.